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Data Centers & Storage Tanks: 5 Questions

April 1, 2024 | Posted in Blog

The demand for fast, responsive technology is a growing commodity. As the world grows more reliant on instantaneous technology, the need for data centers is imperative. What are data centers, and how does Tanks Direct contribute to the construction of these facilities?


1. What are Data Centers?

Data centers are facilities that house an organization’s computer technology equipment and information servers. These systems contain the organization’s most critical applications. Data centers can range from small rooms in your office to large-scale third-party buildings. These large buildings specialize in heightened security and advanced backup power supplies.


2. How are storage tanks utilized in data centers?

Backup generators are essential in data centers. Fuel storage to power those generators is a key component. Aboveground and underground tanks are installed to house fuel in case of a power interruption or failure. In conjunction with the fuel storage tanks, Urea DEF tanks are used to reduce the emissions output when the fuel is utilizedWater storage is also important due to the heat that can be generated by computer servers.


3. What is the most commonly used tank for data center projects?

Both fiberglass and steel tanks can be used in the construction of data centers. For aboveground fuel storage, a steel two-hour fire-rated tank such as a “fireguard” is typically used.


4. What tank sizes are used in data centers?

Data Center tank sizes are dependent on the burn rate of the generators and the number of generators required. Tanks can run anywhere from smaller single generators at 600 gallons to multiple 50,000-gallon storage tanks.


5. How many data center tanks has Tanks Direct installed?

Between supply and installation, Tanks Direct has assisted in completing upwards of 100 different data center projects.



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