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From 600 gallons to 60,000 gallons, Tanks Direct offers customized solutions to meet your fire protection, stormwater, rainwater collection, and wastewater tank project needs.

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Xerxes Tanks

Tanks Direct is a proud supplier and installer of Xerxes Tanks. Since 2012, Tanks Direct has been a Master Distributor for Xerxes. Today, our exclusive service area spans nearly half of the country, including New England, Mid-Atlantic, South Atlantic, and Eastern Central regions. Tanks Direct uses Xerxes because they offer best-in-class tanks that last.

Xerxes water storage tanks are:

Manufactured exclusively in North America
NFPA 22 and 1142 standards
Available in single-wall, double-wall, and triple-wall designs
Constructed of 100% premium resin and fiberglass - NO FILLERS
Lightweight and extremely durable
Customizable to fit your project design

Fire Protection Water Tanks

Although Tanks Direct can help you with any of the above water tank applications, fire suppression tanks are a common request for our team. We work with you on the design and product selection based on size to find the best fit for your budget. Guiding you through regulatory compliance and reviews, we provide complete project-specific drawings and guide specifications. When it’s time to install your tank, we offer manufacturer support and supply the materials and equipment you need. You can count on Tanks Direct for installation, commissioning, and inspection services.

Tanks Direct has helped design, furnish, and install hundreds of fire protection water tanks over the
years. Here is just one example of many.

Project Name:

Over 100,000-gallon Fire Suppression System Installed

Project Location:

Woodbine, MD


Fire Protection

Just across the street from the original Lisbon Volunteer Fire Company, we delivered four Xerxes tanks to the new location of the fire station in Woodbine, Maryland. Together, these tanks have the capacity to over 100,000-gallons of water with various uses.

rainwater Harvesting Systems

Tanks Direct has been a leader in the rainwater harvesting space for over a decade. We offer full rainwater harvesting systems, including pre-filters, treatment skids, booster pumps, cisterns, installation, and commissioning services.

  • Fiberglass, Steel
  • Aboveground, Underground
  • 300 to 60,000 Gallons
  • Full Installation Services
  • Commissioning
Treatment Skids
  • Filtration, Disinfection
  • Rainwater, Greywater
  • Toilet Flushing, Irrigation
  • Day Tanks, Pump Controllers
  • Wide Range of Flow Rates and Pressures

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