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Fueling a dependable backup power system is a must for hospitals, data centers, and other mission-critical facilities. Tanks Direct can help at any stage – whether it’s design, installation, or service and maintenance of your fuel supply system. We can furnish, install, and service both aboveground and underground petroleum tanks. Whatever your fuel storage needs – diesel, oil, or gasoline, Tanks Direct can work directly with you to ensure your success.

Fuel Storage

Petroleum Tank Applications

Emergency Generator Fuel Oil Systems

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Fuel Oil Day Tank Systems

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Aboveground and Underground Fuel Storage Tanks

Tanks Direct can supply and install underground and aboveground fuel tanks, waste oil storage tanks, and oil storage tanks. If you have old systems that need to be removed or upgraded we can help with that as well.

Aboveground Steel Tanks (UL142)
Oil Water Separators
Aboveground Flameshield Tanks
Stainless Steel Tanks
Aboveground Fire Rated Tanks (UL2085)
DEF/Urea Storage Tanks
Underground Steel Tanks (UL58)
Waste Oil Storage
Underground Fiberglass Storage Tanks (UL1316)
Lube Oil Tanks
Project Name:

Mission Critical Fuel Oil System for Confidential Client

Project Location:

Ashburn, VA

From consultation to commissioning, Tanks Direct created a state-of-the-art fuel oil solution for this mission-critical facility. This fuel oil station will protect this Northern Virginia mission-critical facility from downtime and outages. Tanks Direct provided mobilization, excavation, bedding, backfill, labor, and equipment installation. The client could rest assured knowing this critical part of the project was handled by experts while freeing its contractors to focus on other aspects of the facility build.

Project Highlights:

Eight 50,000-gallon double-wall steel Highland Pressure Tanks

Four Pneumercator TMS-3000 Tank Monitoring Systems

Double-wall NUPI underground piping

Petroleum Storage Tank Accessories

Tanks Direct has all the custom accessories you’ll need for your petroleum storage tanks. Here are just some of the accessories your petroleum storage tank or tank system may require.

Automatic Tank Gauge Systems (ATG)
Fuel Oil Day Tanks
Concrete Deadmen Anchors & Straps
Overfill Prevention Valves
Custom Decals and Warning Signs
Remote Fill Stations
Duplex Fuel Oil Pumpsets
Spill Containers
Fuel Dispensers
Submersible Pumps
Fuel Hoses, Nozzles and Breakaways
Tank Heaters
Fuel Polishers
Vents / Emergency Vents

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