Storage Tank Removal

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your environmental risk

Tanks safely cleaned and removed

Contaminated soils removed

Mitigate your pollution liability risks

When You Need Your Tank
Removed the Right Way

When you have a tank that’s reached the end of its lifecycle, you need to get it removed. When you’re dealing with fuel and chemicals, it’s critical that the tank is removed and the area cleaned to reduce contamination and environmental risk. If you’re not sure how much life your tank has left, we can help you determine that.

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Why Tanks Direct is the
Safe Choice for Tank Removal

With an older tank removal, often times, there will be contamination in the area surrounding the tank and piping. You will want to make sure that contamination is removed per regulations. You’ll need the tank to be cleaned and passivated before it’s loaded on a truck and taken away. Tanks Direct ensures your tank is cleaned, removed, and inspected by the authorities having jurisdiction. If there is
contaminated soil or water, we take care of that too.

Tanks Direct Removal Services

Tanks Direct offers the following services in regards to tank removal:

  • Underground Storage Tank Removal and Disposal
  • Aboveground Storage Tank Removal and Disposal
  • Underground Storage Tank Abandonment
  • Pipe Demolition
  • Contaminated Soil Sampling & Lab Analysis
  • Disposal of Contaminated Soils and Water

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