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What to Look for in an Underground Water Storage Tank

June 20, 2023 | Posted in Underground Storage Tanks

Investing in an NSF-compatible underground water storage tank can offer many benefits for clients. By keeping a supply of fresh, potable water on hand, your facility will be better equipped to handle natural disasters, droughts, and other concerns. However, it is critically important to choose the right type of storage tank to ensure the safety of your drinking water supply. Learn how to choose the right underground water storage tank in today’s blog, below.

Your underground storage tank must be constructed in a way that will prevent contaminants from entering your drinking water supply. When foreign substances are introduced into your tank, they can quickly contaminate the entire supply and require costly cleanup. This is why you should only consider purchasing a UST that contains safety features such as:

  • Rain protection
  • Screened air vents
  • Corrosion resistance

If these features are not present in your underground storage tank then your water supply could quickly become tainted.

Before you begin shopping for a UST, you’ll need to decide on the size of the tank you’ll need. Bear in mind that your tank will be virtually impossible to move once it has been installed, so be sure to account for projected growth if you expect that your needs will change in the near future. USTs are available in a wide range of sizes that can hold up to tens of thousands of gallons of water, so we can help you determine how large of a tank you will require.

The UST that you purchase should be specifically designed for potable water storage. Just because a tank has been designed to hold water does not mean that it will be suitable for drinking water, so be sure to avoid purchasing a tank that is meant for irrigation or other non-potable water sources. By taking these considerations into account before purchasing your underground water storage tank, you can be sure that you will invest in the right UST for your needs.

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