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Storage Tank Removal Requires the Help of Experts

May 16, 2022 | Posted in Underground Storage Tanks

There are many reasons why an underground or aboveground storage tank may need removal services. Perhaps a facility is changing ownership. In that case, local regulations require the removal of old storage tanks. Maybe a tank has sprung a leak. This would mean the tank must be replaced. In other words, no matter the reason for removal, it is a delicate process that requires skill and expertise to complete safely. At Tanks Direct, we have over 25 years of experience with storage tank removal.

Why would an underground storage tank need to be removed?

Some of the most common reasons to remove an underground or aboveground storage tank include:

  • Transfer of ownership. As an industrial site, gas station, or other property with a storage tank sells to a new owner, local regulations often require that the current storage tank be removed and replaced, if needed, before the sale is complete.
  • Defective or leaking tank. When an underground storage tank springs a leak or otherwise becomes damaged, it is vital to remove the tank properly to avoid soil contamination.
    As a result, if the soil is allowed to become contaminated, it is incredibly costly to clean according to EPA standards. When a tank is unable to be repaired, the best advice is to remove it as quickly as possible to avoid further environmental damage.
  • Tank replacement. Underground and aboveground storage tank technology is constantly evolving, and there are many reasons why a facility owner may be interested in upgrading to a newer model. When a new tank is ready for installation, the old tank must first be carefully removed by a trusted expert.
  • Facility closure. Depending on local regulations, it may be necessary to remove underground storage tanks when a facility closes.

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