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Green Thumbs and Reuse Tanks

June 6, 2017 | Posted in Blog

We have seen a recent uptick in the use of reuse water and rainwater for growing applications.  As a turn-key supplier and installer of rainwater harvesting systems, Tanks Direct is the leader in this space locally and we routinely get calls for projects that are a little out of the norm.  With the recent changes to the D.C. regulations, we have seen quite a few projects where rainwater is being reused inside the building for water closet flushing.  This is still the most common application that we see and we are very versed in the typical designs, flow rates, treatment criteria.

25000 Gallon Rainwater Storage Tank – Montgomery County, MD

In two recent examples, we were asked to participate in commercial growing operations. The first was a large greenhouse project located in Montgomery County, MD. A 25,000-gallon rainwater storage tank was installed along with a modest pumping and treatment system. The system utilizes pre-filters and UV disinfection to treat the water prior to its reuse inside of the greenhouse in misting sprayers for the plants. All the rainwater that hits the roof of the greenhouse is funneled directly to the tank through roof leaders and a pre-treatment device. The system is expected to provide about 70-80% of the water needed inside the greenhouse from rainwater storage.

5000 Gallon Condensate Reuse Tank – PG County, MD

The second project we are currently participating in is one of the first medical marijuana growing facilities in Maryland. Our system is designed to capture excess HVAC water for reuse within the building as part of the water stream for irrigation to the grow room. The tank installed (right) is a 5000-gallon reuse water storage tank. We are also providing a series of recirculation pumps and controls to capture all of the excess water that the plants don’t consume and recycle this back to the front end of the irrigation system. This water is being treated with UV disinfection, as well.

The future is bright (green)
No matter your political views regarding Medical Marijuana, the fact that they are employing sustainable technologies and reusing the water is a good thing. It is our hope that more and more of these types of facilities (greenhouses, growing facilities, etc), that tend to consume quite a bit of water will consider capturing and reusing excess water that either hits the property via rainfall or is generated by various processes vital to the building.

Trust the Experts
Here at Tanks Direct, we understand rainwater harvesting and reuse having supplied, installed, and commissioned dozens of projects in the past few years. Through our exclusive relationship with Xerxes and our ability to bring in much different treatment and pumping skid manufacturers under our umbrella, we have shown that we can help you with any rainwater harvesting project you may get involved in. Contact us today if you are designing, bidding, constructing, or need to install a system

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