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3 Uses for Oil Water Separators

June 13, 2016 | Posted in Blog

Oil water separators are a crucial piece of equipment that is invaluable for a range of industries and applications. Because they remove suspended solids and oils from wastewater streams before they enter the municipal wastewater system, oil water separators play an important role in protecting the environment and the health of our watersheds. At Tanks Direct, we have extensive experience designing, supplying, and servicing both aboveground and belowground oil water separator systems and we know a thing or two about what makes them tick. In today’s blog, learn more about the applications and situations where an oil water separator would be necessary.

Oil Water Separators

Food industry wastewater treatment
Restaurants create a significant of wastewater on a daily basis which is often contaminated by grease, oil, and suspended solids. If these contaminants were allowed to enter the environment, they would lower available oxygen levels in waterways which can have catastrophic consequences for local ecosystems. That’s why these contaminants must be removed by an oil water separator system. In addition, contaminants can also cause significant problems with the mechanisms that power the municipal wastewater system. If these mechanisms become clogged, it can compromise the efficiency of the system, creating serious problems and headaches. An oil water separator prevents damage to both the environment and the health of the municipal wastewater system as a whole.

Stormwater treatment
If allowed to flow directly into the environment, stormwater would quickly cause erosion due to excess runoff. Oil water separators not only remove suspended solids from the water but also release the water back into the environment at a pace that allows it to be properly absorbed by the soil so that erosion is controlled.

Industrial wastewater treatment
Industrial industries often create large quantities of contaminated water on a daily basis which would wreak havoc on the environment if allowed to enter the wastewater stream directly. An oil water separator removes harmful petroleum and other contaminants from the water so that it can safely enter the municipal wastewater system.

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