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Xerxes Fiberglass Storage Tanks for Water Storage Applications

November 12, 2015 | Posted in Blog

Tanks Direct is excited to participate in the Greenbuild International Conference and Expo in Washington D.C. next week where we will be showcasing Xerxes fiberglass tanks. When it comes to water storage, it is incredibly important to choose the right tank for the job. There are numerous benefits to using Xerxes fiberglass tanks for your water storage needs and in this week’s blog, we outline the types of water storage applications that fiberglass tanks can be used for as well as the many benefits of Xerxes fiberglass tanks for water storage.

Xerxes fiberglass

Xerxes Fiberglass Storage Tanks for Water Storage Applications

Xerxes fiberglass storage tanks are suitable for a range of water storage applications, including:

Wastewater storage
Wastewater storage presents a complex problem as a storage tank must be able to withstand the many different chemicals that are often present in industrial wastewater without degrading. In addition, tanks must offer superior resistance to rust and corrosion to prevent damage that will render your tank ineffective. Fiberglass is the ideal material for these applications as it is able to withstand these complexities with ease. Xerxes offers a number of fiberglass storage tanks that are suitable for a range of wastewater applications. Contact us to learn more!

Rainwater and greywater storage
Xerxes fiberglass storage tanks are also ideal for harvesting rainwater and gray water. The fiberglass will not corrode or rust and tanks are available in a range of sizes to suit the needs of any facility. As rainwater and gray water collection become more mainstream, many consumers are realizing the benefits of Xerxes fiberglass tanks for these applications.

Potable water storage
Potable water is an especially complex consideration as there are specific rules that regulate the storage of water intended for human use. “Potable water” refers to water that is intended to come into contact with the human body. Storage tanks are hooked up to a city supply or a well and they then pump water into the piping. Because the risk of contamination is high and could cause dangerous health problems, tanks that are going to be used for potable water storage must adhere to the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) Standard 61 (we’ll explain more about this standard in next week’s blog). Xerxes fiberglass storage tanks go above and beyond these requirements by sending tank samples to independent labs for random third-party inspections. Each tank is uniquely labeled, giving consumers assurance that their model is certified according to NSF Standard 61, which very few other tank manufacturers are able to provide.

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