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Fiberglass Storage Tanks: For Secure Storage

March 21, 2014 | Posted in Blog

Fiberglass storage tanks were introduced in the 1960’s and 50 years later they are among the most popular options for both aboveground and underground storage of everything from fuel and water to industrial chemicals and other liquids. Originally designed with the intention of resisting external corrosion, manufacturers and users soon found that not only were fiberglass tanks good at resisting external corrosion but internal corrosion as well.

With the introduction of new ethanol-based fuels, biodiesel, and ultra-low sulfur diesel has come the threat of microbial-induced corrosion in metal storage tanks. Fiberglass tanks are not affected by microbial-induced corrosion, making them a safe place to store these fuels. Fiberglass tanks are also highly resistant to corrosion from harsh industrial chemicals, making them the ideal solution for manufacturing and industry.

Tanks Direct’s main manufacturer for fiberglass tanks is Xerxes. In addition to offering corrosion-resistant fiberglass tanks, Xerxes manufactures their tanks with circumferential ribs, which provide additional structural strength, and Parabeam Construction, which creates a bond between the primary and secondary cylinder walls, while still providing a free-flowing interstitial space for monitoring. Learn more about Xerxes and fiberglass tanks at their website.

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