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Tank Testing Services from Tanks Direct

November 6, 2013 | Posted in Blog

In addition to tank distribution and installation, Tanks Direct also offers tank testing services. Tank testing is performed to ensure the viability of a tank, specifically, to make sure that it can perform to the pressure standards that were provided by the manufacturer. Tanks are also tested to see how they would respond to user error, for example, overfilling a tank with excess liquid.

Tanks are generally tested for quality assurance for three purposes during their lifespan:

  • Initial tests when the tank is installed and ready for service
  • Periodic maintenance tests
  • Testing after any modifications or alterations are made to an existing system

As a distributor and installers, we know everything there is to know about the business, which allows us to offer the best quality tanks and proper installation services. Our dual role also makes our services more cost-efficient and allows you to cut out the hassle of working with independent distributors and installers.

Our status as a national distributor for over 55 storage tank manufacturers means we offer a wide variety of tank solutions that are guaranteed to fit your needs, and our emphasis on customer service makes us one of the leading distributors in the industry. We’re focused on providing the best products and services to the consumer in order to remain one of the industry leaders.

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We strive for complete customer satisfaction, and with our 25 years of experience, we think you’ll notice the difference you get with us. Let Tanks Direct be your first choice for all of your tank and storage system needs.


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