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Mission Critical Fuel Oil System for Confidential Client

Project Description:

From consultation to commissioning, Tanks Direct created a state-of-the-art fuel oil solution for this mission-critical facility. This fuel oil station will protect this Northern Virginia mission-critical facility from downtime and outages. Tanks Direct provided mobilization, excavation, bedding, backfill, labor, and equipment installation. The client could rest assured knowing this critical part of the project was handled by experts while freeing its contractors to focus on other aspects of the facility build.

Project Highlights:
Eight 50,000-gallon double-wall steel Highland Pressure Tanks
Four Pneumercator TMS-3000 Tank Monitoring Systems
Double-wall NUPI underground piping
Furnish labor, materials, equipment
Provide mobilization, excavation, bedding, backfill, and equipment installation

Starting with a blank slate and a need to keep mission-critical equipment running without the threat of downtime or outages, Tanks Direct was selected to furnish materials, labor, and equipment for a fuel oil setup at an upcoming data center facility in Northern Virginia. Unplanned outages and downtime for this client is not an option – which is why having a backup fuel generator system is crucial.

Working directly with the contractors, engineers, and architects, Tanks Direct was happy to design and provide an entire action plan for the needed generator fuel supply. Collaborating between the parties, we developed a cohesive fuel oil storage plan without compromising the beauty of the new facility.

To maintain the overall design and aesthetic, it was clear that underground work was the way to go. We supplied EIGHT 50,000-gallon Highland double-wall steel pressure storage tanks. The massive tanks, each measuring an impressive 12-foot diameter and 59 feet long, can safely hold over 400,000-gallons of fuel.

In addition to the storage tanks, the tank monitoring equipment will make it easy for employees to know and understand the levels of the tanks from inside the facility. This project features four Pneumercator TMS-3000 systems which will monitor levels, leaks, and more using sump sensors and level probes. To connect everything, our team used double wall NUPI underground piping. By providing the mobilization, excavation, bedding, backfill, and equipment installation, our clients can rest assured it is correct, leaving our contractors to focus on other aspects of the facility build.

The result was a mission-critical facility that will continue to function without fail.

Before our work was complete, we completed rigorous rounds of air testing and hydrostatic testing. Once we signed off on our inspections, it was time for start-up and commissioning. After testing and approval, we put our stamp of approval that this system will hold and work seamlessly.

Every aspect of this custom system was completed with our quality seal of standard and expertise. The new facility will be protected for many years from outages and downtime with the help of this state-of-the-art fuel oil system in place.

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