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A Deep Dive into the Removal, Supply, and Installation of a 7,500-Gallon Highland Steel Water Storage Tank in Charles City, Virginia

Project Description:

Established and constructed in the 1930s, Harrison Lake National Fish Hatchery is a 444-acre facility with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Charles City, Virginia. The Harrison Lake National Fish Hatchery recognized the significance of updating existing water management and began the project involving the removal, supply, and installation of a 7,500-gallon Highland steel water storage tank. This project improved water storage safety and showcased the commitment to environmental stewardship.

Removal of the Existing Infrastructure:

The project’s journey began with the careful removal of the 7,500-gallon steel aboveground storage tank (AST). This phase required skilled technicians and meticulous planning to ensure safe and environmentally responsible disposal while maintaining the existing framework, including concrete piers. The removal was a critical step toward creating space for the new, upgraded water storage solution.

Upgrading Piping and Equipment:

Recognizing that a comprehensive solution was needed, the project included the removal and replacement of existing piping and equipment. This step ensured compatibility and efficiency between the new water storage tank and the hatchery’s well water distribution system. The upgrade was essential to the project’s mission to optimize water usage and minimize waste.

Installation of the Highland Steel Water Storage Tank:

One of the pivotal moments was the installation of the new 7,500-gallon Highland horizontal storage tank. With a diameter of 8’ and length of 20’, this tank and saddles were built in a specific position to rest on the existing piers. The single-wall tank was skillfully placed on existing concrete piers, which not only streamlined the installation process but also leveraged existing infrastructure. The selection of mild-carbon steel as the material of choice highlighted its durability and corrosion-resistant properties, ensuring long-term water storage integrity.

Tank Testing and Commissioning:

Testing and commissioning were done on the new storage tank to guarantee the functionality and reliability of the setup. Tanks Direct, a trusted partner in water storage solutions, undertook the testing process. This final phase ensured the tank met stringent quality standards and was fully operational, ready to serve the hatchery’s water needs.

Project Highlights:
Removal of 7,500-gallon steel AST
Installation of new 7,500-gallon Highland horizontal storage tank on existing concrete piers
Removal and replacement of existing piping and equipment
Tank Testing and commissioning completed by Tanks Direct

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