Water & Wastewater Solutions

Tanks Direct: Customized Water & Wastewater Solutions

Whether you’re looking for rainwater harvesting or septic (and everything in between), Tanks Direct offers customized solutions to meet your water and wastewater tank project needs. Our expert team can help develop a solution today!

Seamless Rainwater & Greywater Harvesting Solutions

Tanks Direct offers both underground and aboveground rainwater and greywater harvesting solutions. Our long-lasting storage solutions reduce water consumption and provide sustainable, measurable benefits for the people, properties and communities they support. We can accommodate your specific design, site requirements, and ensure a seamless and successful installation for your project.

Rainwater & Greywater
Harvesting and storage Systems

We offer full rainwater harvesting systems, including pre-filters, treatment skids, booster pumps, cisterns, installation, and commissioning services.


  • Fiberglass, Steel
  • Aboveground, Underground
  • 300 to 60,000 Gallons
  • Full Installation Services
  • Commissioning

Treatment Skids

  • Filtration, Disinfection
  • Rainwater, Greywater
  • Toilet Flushing, Irrigation
  • Day Tanks, Pump Controllers
  • Wide Range of Flow Rates and Pressures

Septic Tanks

In both onsite and municipal wastewater systems, secure storage of corrosive wastewater is essential. Our corrosion-resistant tanks provide watertight storage with no need for added liners, which require ongoing inspection and maintenance. The smooth, rounded walls of our tanks are easy to clean and won’t trap debris like tanks with corners.

They can be manufactured to comply with the IAPMO/ANSI Z1000 standard.

Standard Applications Include:

  • Primary treatment
  • Secondary treatment
  • Aerobic treatment
  • Fixed-film media
  • Recirculation
  • Dosing

Decontamination Tanks

When it comes to pollution prevention, hospitals, medical centers, laboratories and manufacturing facilities rely on our corrosion-resistant decontamination storage tank solutions. Our decontamination tanks securely store washdown solution originating from chemical and biological contaminants on personnel, clothing, equipment, floors, and other surfaces.


  • Single & Double Wall Options
  • Broad range of chemical compatibility
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • H-20/H-25 axle load rated
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain
  • Lightweight

Potable Water Storage Solutions

Tanks Direct Provides and installs Potable Water Storage Tanks for public and private water systems. Health and safety requirements for drinking water systems can be complex, but sourcing a tank that meets them doesn’t need to be. Tanks Direct provides and installs underground and aboveground water storage systems manufactured with NSF 61-listed materials and NSF/ANSI 61 drinking water system components giving our customers the assurance they need when installing storage tanks for public and private water systems.

ASME Pressure Tanks

ASME pressure vessels are used for a variety of applications in municipal, commercial, and industrial spaces. ASME vessels can be installed both above ground and underground depending on your needs and application. These vessels can be equipped with a number of accessories including OSHA-compliant ladders, stairs, walkways, and catwalks as well as gauging, pumping, and control systems.

Types of ASME Pressure Tanks :

  • Fire Protection Vessels
  • Chlorine Contact Vessels
  • Hydropneumatic Vessels

AFFF Systems

AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam) fire suppression systems have superior fire extinguishing capabilities, especially for controlling flammable or combustible liquid fires.

In large volumes, AFFF foam can be harmful to the environment, making AFFF decontamination tanks a vital component to AFFF systems.

Tank Direct’s AFFF wastewater storage tanks allow for emergency direct disposal of water and flammable liquids. The tanks can be pumped out or discharged at a controlled rate to a sanitary sewer.

We can install both above and underground wastewater storage tanks according to your jurisdiction’s requirements.

Why choose a Xerxes industrial wastewater tank?

  • Single-tank capacities up to 60,000 gallons
  • Tank diameters up to 12 feet
  • Single and double wall options
  • Designed to withstand H-25 and HS-25 axle loads
  • Standard and customized accessories
  • Easy to ship, install and maintain

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