Stormwater Management Solutions

Stormwater management is complex. Planning doesn’t have to be.

Enter the HydroChain™ Stormwater Management products—an advanced suite designed to cover all aspects of a comprehensive water-quality system. Building on Xerxes®’ proven line of corrosion-resistant fiberglass tanks, they’ve expanded to include a range of stormwater solutions. This encompasses treatment, filtration, storage, infiltration, and various conveyance options, providing versatility for both individual applications and integration into a complete stormwater management system.

But we’re not just about products; we’re about turnkey solutions. We’ll work with you to customize HydroChain™ products to fit your specific site requirements—whether it’s volume control, optimizing flow rates, or addressing unique specifications. Let’s turn the complexity into a seamless stormwater advantage for your upcoming project.

Why Choose Hydrochain™ Stormwater Management Products?

Tanks Direct can supply and install underground and aboveground fuel tanks, waste oil storage tanks, and oil storage tanks. If you have old systems that need to be removed or upgraded we can help with that as well.

Site-specific design by industry engineers
Highly engineered products backed by decades of successful installations:
End-to-end stormwater management
Stormwater products backed by 20+ years of stormwater treatment technology
Stringent quality control of manufacturing process
Storage tanks backed by 40+ years of fiberglass tank manufacturing

Hydrochain™ Stormwater Management


Enhance Stormwater Efficiency with Pretreatment!

Boost the effectiveness of your stormwater treatment process by removing solids, oil, and grit upfront. Our advanced pretreatment solutions ensure cleaner water quality outcomes and optimize treatment efficiency. Experience the difference today!


Maximize Space Efficiency with Versatile Design Solutions!

Experience our durable HydroChain™ composite chambers and vaults. These modular components serve as the cornerstone for any stormwater system, offering structural strength for detention, retention, and infiltration needs.


Enhance Pollutant Removal with Cutting-Edge Technology!

Our HydroChain™ stormwater filtration products are at the forefront of innovation, offering resilience, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness. Leveraging advanced filtration techniques including sedimentation, filtration, adsorption, precipitation, and ion exchange, HydroChain™ products deliver unparalleled pollutant removal, surpassing even the strictest stormwater quality standards.

Project Name:

Leesburg Executive Airport Hangar Area Stormwater Development

Project Location:

Leesburg, VA

The Leesburg Executive Airport, located in Leesburg, Virginia, undertook a significant stormwater management project within its hangar area to address challenges associated with stormwater runoff, limited space, and pollutant removal. The objective was to implement an effective and sustainable solution to mitigate environmental concerns, create more usable space, and potential risks to infrastructure. The project aimed to incorporate innovative technologies and designs to achieve optimal results.


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Our industry experts are ready to share their wealth of knowledge in water management, offering insights and innovative ideas tailored for your upcoming projects. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to expand your professional horizons!


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