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The Importance of Proper Fuel Storage Tank Maintenance

February 4, 2021 | Posted in Blog

Proper maintenance of fuel storage tanks is an essential task for any facility. The nature of modern fuels combined with the systems in which they’re used makes it imperative that fuel storage tanks be properly maintained and cleaned. Here are a few examples that underscore the importance of proper fuel storage tank maintenance.

The Importance of Proper Fuel Storage Tank Maintenance

New Engines Require Clean Fuel
The technology behind the fuel injection system in vehicle engines is constantly improving in order to improve the fuel economy of these vehicles. New injectors allow for faster and more efficient combustion with the creation of a fine mist. “These new fuel injection systems are more precise, clog more easily, and therefore require cleaner fuels. It is crucial to keep fuel injectors clean to prevent damage to the engine,” according to Tank Storage Magazine. Clean storage tanks mean clean fuel, and clean fuel means clean fuel injectors.

Biofuels Require Careful Monitoringfuel-storage-tank
New biofuels are coming onto the scene in a big way. Ethanol fuels can be found in every state in the U.S. Biodiesel is also starting to gain a foothold in the marketplace. These biofuels are more efficient and burn cleaner than traditional fuels.

However, water is a bigger concern with these fuels. “Water is more soluble in ethanol than it is in petrol, so ethanol blended fuels hold more water ins suspension. Biofuels are also more susceptible to absorbing water from the air.” Proper fuel storage tank maintenance ensures that these fuels are kept clean and stable.


Cleaner Diesel More Easily Absorbs Water
Diesel is cleaner today than ever before, shedding its image as a dirty fuel. The sulfur content of diesel has been reduced to 15 ppm. However, removing sulfur from diesel also affects the viability of diesel. Additives are used to offset this fact, but these additives themselves make it easier for the fuel to absorb water. Water in diesel can cause significant damage to diesel engines.

Proper fuel storage tank practices such as diesel fuel polishing and cold weather maintenance are essential in maintaining the viability of cleaner diesel.

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