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5 Questions About Rainwater Harvesting

October 29, 2020 | Posted in Rainwater Collection

1. What is a Rainwater Harvesting System?
Rainwater Harvesting Systems are designed with sustainability in mind. They collect, store, and treat rainwater for the purpose of reuse. Stormwater collected from rooftops and stormwater runoff is contained and then recycled for a multitude of building applications. Rainwater collection tanks can be made from steel or fiberglass, dependent on your preferences.

2. What are the benefits of using a Rainwater Collection?
The installation of one of these systems reduces water consumption costs and lowers the demand for municipal water supplies. It also reduces the burden on combined sanitary/stormwater treatment facilities. New construction and renovations that include a Rainwater Harvesting System can assist your company in qualifying for valuable LEED Credits.

3. Are Rainwater Harvesting Systems Aboveground or Underground?
Rainwater Harvesting Systems can be both aboveground and underground. Depending on your site layout and preferences, Tanks Direct can help you determine the best applications for your project.

4. Where are Rainwater Collection Systems installed?
Rainwater Collection Systems can be installed virtually anywhere, but they are extremely beneficial for facilities that consume a large volume of domestic water. Dormitories, federal buildings, office buildings, and large residential developments are some of the many end-users of this application.

5. Are there applicable codes and standards for Rainwater Harvesting Systems?
When it comes to installing and utilizing a system, you will need to first consult your county/city guidelines and management rules. Regulations in the relatively new field are continuously being developed. Tanks Direct can help you navigate the current regulations.

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