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Underground Fuel Storage Tank Maintenance

July 8, 2016 | Posted in Fuel Tanks

When it comes to fuel storage, tank maintenance is incredibly important. While storage tank maintenance should always be a concern for any manager, it is especially important to pay close attention to it when the tanks are being used to store fuel. Because fuel can be easily contaminated and can impact the safe performance of the equipment it is used in, it is necessary to make sure that your underground fuel storage tank is properly maintained.

fuel storage tank maintenance

Clean fuel is necessary for new engines
Fuel injection technology is constantly evolving and adapting in an effort to improve vehicle gas mileage. New fuel injectors create a fine mist of fuel which provides faster and more efficient combustion and performance. However, they also must be kept impeccably clean in order to function because even a small amount of debris or detritus can clog the system. That means your underground fuel storage tank must be kept scrupulously clean to prevent the contamination of your fuel, which could have disastrous consequences on your equipment.

Clean diesel absorbs water more easily
Although diesel has traditionally been known as a “dirty” fuel, it is now more clean and green than ever before and its sulfur content has been reduced to only 15ppm. Unfortunately, the low sulfur content affects the viability of the fuel, and the additives that are added to offset this fact make diesel more prone to absorbing water. To keep clean diesel viable, it is important to properly maintain your underground fuel storage tank and practice cold weather maintenance as well as diesel fuel polishing.

Biofuels must be monitored
Biofuels such as ethanol continue to become more popular and they can now be found across the US. Thanks to their energy efficiency and clean burning reputation, biofuels are having a big impact on the fuel industry. Unfortunately, these fuels are prone to water contamination so they must be stored carefully to reliably prevent water infiltration. Because they can even absorb water from the air, it is vitally important that your underground fuel storage tank be monitored and properly maintained to ensure that it is effectively preventing water from entering your fuel supply.

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