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4 Applications for Underground Water Storage Tanks

June 24, 2016 | Posted in Underground Storage Tanks

Many different types of facilities can benefit from the addition of an underground water storage tank. Whether greywater is harvested and repurposed for irrigation or a tank is used or potable water to be used during an emergency, underground water storage tanks are becoming increasingly popular in a variety of industries and for a variety of purposes. Learn more about just a few common uses for underground water storage tanks in today’s blog, below.

Underground water storage

Fire cisterns and sprinkler reservoirs
Putting out fires requires a lot of water and many businesses choose to meet this need by installing an underground water storage tank specifically for this reason. Whether the water is needed to supply fire sprinklers because the municipal water system cannot handle the demand or a developer is required by law to install a tank to meet the needs of the fire department, an underground water tank can ensure that a business is prepared in the case of a fire emergency and has what it takes to put out the blaze.

Water that has been exposed to minor contaminants but is still fit to be harvested and used for non-drinking purposes is referred to as “greywater.” Often collected from roof runoff, irrigation ditches, and HVAC system condensation, greywater can be used for a wide variety of secondary uses.

For farms and ranches that have high water needs, thanks to irrigation and livestock, the installation of an underground water storage tank can prove invaluable. By storing reservoirs of water onsite, farmers and ranchers can be confident that they will be able to meet the needs of their property regardless of recent weather patterns.

Rainwater harvesting
Rainwater runoff can quickly cause erosion and significant damage to local ecosystems that aren’t prepared to handle the influx of water. By diverting rainwater runoff into an underground water storage tank, businesses and homeowners alike can then use the collected water to meet their irrigation needs without ever turning on the tap, saving money as well as expense to the environment. Learn more about rainwater harvesting in our blog entitled, “5 Questions About Rainwater Harvesting.”

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