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EPA Releases Handbook on Revised UST Regulations

March 21, 2016 | Posted in Underground Storage Tanks

The EPA has recently released a 68-page handbook that outlines the updated regulations regarding underground storage tank Operation and Maintenance (O&M) procedures. The guide is meant to help UST owners understand their responsibilities regarding leak prevention and O&M best practices. The booklet is available to download for free on the EPA’s website. Learn more about the guidebook and how it can help you stay in compliance with local and federal regulations in today’s blog, below.

UST Regulations

EPA Releases Handbook on Revised UST Regulations
The Operating and Maintaining Underground Storage Tank Systems: Practical Help and Checklists was recently published by the EPA and provides not only information regarding the changes to the 2015 UST regulations but also a series of useful checklists so that UST owners can ensure that they stay in compliance with all regulations. In addition, the guidebook offers practical advice that is meant to help owners go beyond the basic requirements to make sure their underground storage tanks are properly maintained and managed.

The O&M practices outlined in the handbook are designed to help prevent leaks in order to avoid costly cleanups and possible litigation. In addition, it discusses the O&M processes and procedures that facility owners must keep records of in order to stay in compliance with federal regulating bodies.

By carefully reading each section and completing the attached checklist, the guidebook will help underground storage tank owners establish O&M procedures which will help them understand when maintenance is needed and identify situations in which components should be repaired or replaced in order to prevent a leak from occurring. By focusing on prevention, the EPA hopes to minimize the number of UST discharges in order to preserve the environment and prevent danger to human health.

Because Maryland is a state with state program approval from the Environmental Protection Agency, local guidelines may differ slightly from those listed in the handbook. It is important to check with the Maryland UST program to learn about the specific local requirements which may have an impact on your facility’s O&M procedures. You can visit the Maryland Underground Storage Tank program’s website here.

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