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How Underground Storage Tanks Can Make Companies More Energy Efficient

December 3, 2015 | Posted in Underground Storage Tanks

Underground storage tanks can be used for just about any storage needs that your facility encounters. By utilizing underground storage tanks smartly, facilities can even minimize their environmental impact and lessen their utility bills. Learn how underground storage tanks can be used to increase a facility’s energy efficiency in today’s blog.

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How Underground Storage Tanks Can Make Companies More Energy Efficient

Thermal energy
Thermal energy storage refers to the storage of cooled water that can be used to meet the cooling needs of a facility. The water must be stored in insulated tanks to prevent it from warming but by allowing facilities to cool their water during off-peak hours, a business can save significant money on its energy bills. A thermal energy storage tank can also be used in the event of an emergency if your main HVAC system ceases to function.

Rainwater collection
Collected rainwater can be used for a whole range of applications, including irrigation for landscaping, plumbing, and cooling. By collecting and storing rainwater in underground storage tanks, facilities can greatly reduce their overall water bill.

Stormwater management
Stormwater management not only makes sense for environmental and financial reasons, but it is even federally regulated in certain circumstances. By limiting the amount of stormwater that enters our waterways, businesses can help protect our precious watersheds. A stormwater management tank collects and treats water that would otherwise become runoff and slowly allows it to be released into the ground so that it can be effectively absorbed.

Chilled water recovery
HVAC systems create a significant amount of condensation during the cooling process which is usually allowed to leave the facility as wastewater. By utilizing a chilled water recovery tank, the water can instead be managed and used for greywater purposes or redistributed to cooling towers.

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