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Storage Tank Preventative Maintenance from Tanks Direct

September 11, 2015 | Posted in Blog

Underground storage tanks might be out of sight, but they shouldn’t be out of mind. Storage tank preventative maintenance is an essential component of storage tank operations. Maintenance plays a role in every aspect of operations, from ensuring the proper function of the tank’s components to ensuring the quality of the product. And of course, preventative maintenance will also help prolong the lifespan of the tank itself.

Tanks Direct recently opened our service and maintenance division, and we offer a number of preventative maintenance services for petroleum, water, and chemical storage tanks. Keep on reading to learn more about our services.

storange tank maintenance

Storage Tank Preventative Maintenance from Tanks Direct

Annual Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) Calibration
Automatic tank gauging systems are used to detect leaks in the tank by monitoring changes in the level of product in the tank. These systems need to be calibrated in order to continue to provide precise measurements. Tanks Direct offers annual calibration of ATG systems to ensure they’re giving you the correct reading.

Periodic System Testing & Inspection
We offer testing and inspection services for essential tank systems on a regular basis.

  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Yearly

Tank & Piping Inspection & Testing Services
Proper maintenance of the myriad of piping associated with a storage tank is just as important as the maintenance of the tank itself. Prevent piping issues like corrosion with regular inspections.

SPCC Plans and Compliance Audits
A Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plan is a document that details how you will prevent and respond to oil spills as a storage tank owner/operator. If you store oil in aboveground storage tanks and the total volume of these tanks exceeds 1,320 gallons, you need an SPCC plan.

MDE 3rd Party Inspections & Repairs
The Maryland Department of the Environment has a number of regulations governing storage tanks. Certain inspections and repairs must be conducted by a qualified 3rd party, such as Tanks Direct. Learn more at the MDE website.

Owner/Operator Education & Functional Performance Testing
In addition to storage tank preventative maintenance, Tanks Direct offers education in all aspects of storage tank operations for owner/operators, as well as functional performance testing.

Start-Up & Training Equipment Services
Need help getting started with storage tank ownership/operations? Tanks Direct offers the training you need.

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