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Reasons You May Require Storage Tank Removal in Maryland

August 25, 2014 | Posted in Blog

At some point in the lifetime of a storage tank, it may require removal. Storage tank removal, whether aboveground or underground, is not an easy task and must be performed by a licensed storage tank removal company in Maryland. If you have an aboveground or underground storage tank in Maryland, here are some reasons that it may need to be removed.

Storage Tank Removal in Maryland

Leaks can occur in tanks, especially in older tanks made from corrosive materials. Over time corrosion leads to a release of the liquid being stored in the tank. This can lead to environmental damage and substantial cleanup requirements. As part of these requirements, it is likely that the defective storage tank will need to be removed.

Closing or Sale of Facility
The closing or sale of the facility on which the tank is located is another reason it may need to be removed. Federal and state regulations will stipulate whether the tank can be left on the property or need to be removed.

Failure to Meet Regulations
As regulations regarding tank construction and safety change, old tanks may no longer meet newer, stricter regulations. This may require the tank to be decommissioned and/or removed.

In a preemptive measure to prevent leaks and environmental hazards, some facility managers may wish to old storage tanks that are showing signs of decay before they become an issue.

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