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Oil Water Separator Applications

August 5, 2014 | Posted in Blog

Oil water separators are systems that treat wastewater in order to remove oil and suspended solids so that the water may safely be discharged into municipal wastewater systems. Tanks Direct offers design, supply, and servicing of aboveground and below ground fiberglass, carbon, and stainless steel oil water separator systems. To learn more about how oil water separators work you can read our blog on the process of wastewater treatment with an oil water separator.

So what are some of the applications for which an oil water separator system would be needed?

Oil Water Separator Applications

Treatment of stormwater
Treatment of stormwater helps the environment by retaining stormwater and slowly releasing it so as not to contribute to excess runoff and erosion, and by removing suspended solids from the water. You can read more about stormwater management on our blog.

Treatment of Food Industry Wastewater
Wastewater is one of the byproducts of the food industry, and this water contains oil, grease, and other suspended solids that must be removed so as not to clog up the municipal wastewater system.

Treatment of Industrial Wastewater
Industrial wastewater treatment is another application in which oil water separators are needed. An example would be bulk petroleum storage and handling, and industrial activity that generates large quantities of oily wastewater. Whether it’s for everyday use or cleanup of water in contaminated sites, Tanks Direct can meet your industrial wastewater treatment needs.

For more information on oil water separators, please visit our oil water separator page and visit the blogs linked in this text. Our dynamic and customizable systems can be designed to fit all of your wastewater treatment needs.

Installation of an underground oil water separator

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