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Rainwater Management Can Benefit Your Business

July 18, 2014 | Posted in Blog

Rainwater management, also known as rainwater collection and stormwater management, is a practice that has gained in popularity in recent years in commercial, industrial, and even residential applications. Management of rainwater using storage tanks and attenuation systems has many benefits that extend to energy usage in a commercial facility as well as the health of the local environment. In addition, as the health of the environment increasingly comes under state and federal regulation, rainwater management in many cases is not just beneficial, but mandatory.

The Benefits of Rainwater Management

Using rainwater collection and storage, facilities can obtain significant quantities of water from the natural environment for use as “greywater” for flushing toilets, etc., in the facility. By supplementing their greywater naturally, facilities can cut costs and harness the power of nature for an efficient and cost-effective plumbing solution. Tanks Direct has installed many water storage tanks for just this purpose. Visit our featured projects page for some examples.

Attenuation of rainwater involves its retention in storage tanks and controlled, slow-release over time. This prevents runoff and subsequent erosion, two problems that are common in urban areas where much of the surface is impermeable. Attenuation may also be required per local, state, or other regulations.

Regulatory Compliance
Compliance with environmental regulations is another benefit of the installation of a stormwater management system. In Maryland, for example, a new stormwater fee assessed to property owners based on the amount of impermeable surface on their property can be offset with the use of rainwater management practices, which reduce the total impermeable surface area. Visit Maryland’s Stormwater Management Program page for more information.

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