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Inspecting Underground Storage Tanks in Maryland

May 16, 2014 | Posted in Blog

Underground storage tanks are everywhere, and though they can’t be seen, you interact with them in some way almost every day. From storage tanks at gas stations that hold large reserves of gasoline to water storage tanks at the office that provide recycled greywater for plumbing, storage tanks are involved in a lot of the things we do.

Because of this, it’s important that we keep our underground storage tanks safe. Old tanks are more likely to leak their contents into the soil, which could have significant consequences for the surrounding environment. For this reason, the Maryland Department of the Environment inspects all underground storage tanks in the state every 3 years. Those that pose a threat to the environment are compelled to comply with regulations and may also have to pay penalty fees.

According to the Frederick News Post, “The MDE collected $5.88 million in penalties across all of its enforcement programs and took, 2,300 enforcement actions in 2013, according to its latest annual report. It inspected 1,062 underground storage tanks sites in Maryland, and 6 percent of the sites were found to have significant violations.” Furthermore, “Nearly half of the open oil remediation investigation locations are related to transportation in some way. Trucking, auto retail, and repair businesses and gas stations make up 45 percent of the cases.” To learn more about leaking underground storage tanks and remediation, read our blog on “How Michigan is Dealing With Underground Storage Tank Leaks.”

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