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How Storage Tanks Improve the Energy Efficiency of Facilities

February 6, 2014 | Posted in Blog

Both aboveground and underground storage tanks have the potential to significantly improve the energy efficiency of all kinds of facilities, from data centers to apartment complexes. In this blog, we’ll give you a brief overview of some ways that storage tanks can be used to improve energy efficiency in various facilities and provide links for further reading.

Rainwater Collection

Storage tanks can easily be set up to collect rainwater and use it as makeup water for everything from greywater for plumbing to outdoor irrigation for grounds maintenance. Read more on our blog on rainwater collection and see pictures from our rainwater collection tank installation project at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda.

Thermal Energy Storage

Thermal energy storage essentially involves storing cooled water in insulated storage tanks to be used for cooling purposes in a facility. By cooling water during off peak hours, facilities can save money on energy costs. Thermal energy storage tanks can also serve as a backup cooling system in the event the main HVAC goes offline.

Chilled Water Recovery

HVAC cooling systems produce lots of condensate water from the cooling coils, which is normally drained to the sewer. Using a chilled water recovery tank, this water can be collected and redistributed to the cooling towers or used as greywater. Read here about the chilled water recovery system we installed in the Abingdon Condominium’s complex.

Stormwater Management

In highly developed urban areas, stormwater can’t penetrate the built environment and causes the natural environment plenty of problems as runoff, which causes erosion and deposits sediment and toxins into rivers. Stormwater management tanks collect this water to treat it and slowly release it back into the environment so it doesn’t result in runoff. These tanks can also collect the stormwater for use in facilities.

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